Wednesday, 18 March 2009

One Law For Us, A Different Law For Them - Part 2

"Justice Weasel Jack Straw - Looking After His Friends"

Figures show that nearly 50 judges, magistrates and tribunal officials were disciplined in the year to March 2008. Of the 49 found guilty of offences, 21 were sacked.

They included three who committed crimes, one guilty of a motoring offence, one who 'misused judicial status' and 15 accused of 'not fulfilling judicial duty', a category that runs from failing to conduct cases properly to being drunk on the job.

But 28 others were allowed to continue in their jobs with reprimands or warnings.

This on top of recent revelations about the huge number of policemen convicted of crimes but allowed to stay in the police farce.

And of course, there's the charmers in the House of Lords and the House of Commons, whose behaviour would result in criminal prosecutions were they not "above the law".

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