Friday, 13 March 2009

More Labour Spin Exposed As Lies

"Oh, so you shanked someone? Would you like to shank me?
I like this rhyming slang!"

NueLiebore's claims to be "Tough On Crime And Tough On The Causes Of Crime" continue to prove as worthless as the rest of their spin.

80% of those convicted of carrying an illegal knife do not get a custodial sentence despite Gordon Brown's promise that they would face stiff punishments.

Justice Secretary Jack Straw said the percentage of offenders receiving a caution had fallen, whereas in reality the figures showed an increase from 17% to 20%.

Lying bastards. I suspect the policy would change fucking quick if one of them was a victim of knife crime.

The Penguin


Rab C. Nesbitt said...

On a side note, why are the vast majority of victims and offenders black? And why are most of the joyriders white?

Falco said...

The large numbers of cautions are probably for people who have good reason to be carrying a penknife. The problem isn't necessarily the cautions, it's criminalising reasonable behavior.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Hoodie #1 " usual bro innit, I shank the honkey 'n yu do 'is wallet right ?"
Hoodie #2 " K bro, we got time to fuck him up big time yeah ? "
Hoodie #1 " might as well man, 'im raas clart n' battyman ! ".