Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Sensitive Prick Of The Month

"Then I'm going to sue the NHS because I'm bald!"

A BA pilot is taking the airline to an industrial tribunal because he has been racially abused for being Scottish.

He had some other claims which were thrown out, but the numpties decided there was a case on the Scottish issue.

Captain Douglas Maughan alleges he was sent offensive letters and called a 'Jock' who should go back to Scotland.

Mind you, his judgement is questionable, as he sent a letter to the staff magazine defending NuLiebore's economic record in 2005, by which time anyone with an IQ higher than their shoe size would have realised that McBroon had not eliminated Boom and Bust.

Personally I think ALL of our Scottish friends should go back to Scotland and stay there. Especially those wankers in the government.

The Penguin


Anonymous said...

fuck you, you south pole shag dummy.
some of us happen to have been born in soctland but call ourselves britsh and hate labour as much as have a screw jammed up our cocks. Even some of us happen to be right wing. I think you should fuck off and fight left wing ideas instead of breking up britian.


The Penguin said...


I have nothing at all against Scottish people living in Scotland. I'm just not that keen on them living in England and complaining about it. Or Scottish Politicians fucking the English for the benefit of the Scottish.

Anonymous said...

Bad judgement,miserable,bald and a
Liebore Supporter.Being called jock is the least of his problems.

Anonymous said...

Are insane people aloud to be airline pilots?
Very worrying.

Anonymous said...

OOps should be allowed.

Anonymous said...

RE:18 March 2009 09:06 Anonyscot(haha thats good) i uderstand what you are saying Scotland has had it easy street and lived off the fat of other peoples land, and i fully agree there is nothing worse than a left wing scot that has broke out of scotland and gone on to pollute the rest of these gerat islands.
But i still feel that a FAIR union is the way forward where devalotuion is watered down the house of commons gets a chnce to vote on all laws passed in the regions and we all are british is the bast way forward. Despite the fact my acent makes me sound like a wife beater i love my country and want to kep it together. And finally i fully agree moaning cunts like this polit do little to change views

Quiet_Man said...

How can it be racist, Scots aren't a race they're a nation, same genetic code as most of Northern Europe.

Got to admit I'd be far more upset to be tarred as a Labour supporter than a racist though.

Not that I'm either of course.

DougtheDug said...

Poor Doug (No Relation) Maughan.

Doug stood as a Labour Candidate against Roseanna Cunningham (SNP) for the Perth constituency in the 2007 Scottish Parliamentary elections and came fourth.

He then withdrew his candidacy for the Glasgow East Consituency when the favoured candidate failed to turn up to the selection meeting and the local labour party had to tell him and Irene Graham that they were just there to make up the numbers despite their names being on the shortlist.

Funny isn't it, Doug's a Labour man through and through which makes him a confirmed and loyal unionist and SNP hater but his English pals have been racist to him because he's a Scot.

It makes you want to laugh.

Anonymous said...

"Personally I think ALL of our Scottish friends should go back to Scotland and stay there. Especially those wankers in the government."

And all the presenters, reporters & announcers, etc, on English TV & Radio...

The Penguin said...

"just there to make up the numbers"

Ha Ha Ha! Nice way to be treated, what a charming lot the Labour Party are.

Gen d'Eau said...

"just there to make up the numbers"

So, that's democracy is it?

What (not who) did they use to make up the numbers when that useless turd gorgon got elected by the local party (not the people, clearly)?