Wednesday, 25 March 2009

The Criminal Justice System - Are You Proud, Jack?


Yet another depressing tale of honest citizens being prosecuted for defending their property whilst the police hand out cautions to the criminals.

I do hope that our glorious Justice Secretary, Slippery Jack Straw is proud of the system he has created and presides over.

I also fervently wish that he suffers a violent burglary soon. Then there'd be a few changes double quick.

The Penguin


Lexander said...

They will know next time just to give thieving bastards a bloody good hiding and claim they started the fight. It is fucking disgraceful the way the police "turn round" the rights of citizens and always go for easy targets. I wish there was a way to build up a fund for the best QCs in the business to take on these cases.

Umbongo said...

Unfortunately Mr Preson is the wrong religion. It appears that had Mr Preson been a "moderate" and well-connected Muslim, forget about kidnapping, he could have stabbed the scrote and Leicester's finest would have applauded.

Anonymous said...

Two days for the Police to send an officer?? How come they responded to a crime at Fred Goodwin`s empty property within three minutes?

"Is all you fucking read the Daily cunting Mail you illiterate cunt?"

Oxymoron ?

it's either banned or compulsory said...

On initrially calling the police they should have told them they had stabbed the burglar. That would have got a rapid response.

"'We do not condone taking the law into your own hands.' " Wanker, what are we supposed to do now that you have abandoned us ?