Saturday, 21 March 2009

Of Course I Believe Everything In The Newspapers

The Polski Sklep story is just that, a complete bollocks designed to stir up trouble.

No shop keeper is going to turn away custom. No Polish Shopkeeper in a town with a relatively small Polish community would be mad enough to turn away English customers.

So we have one reported incident by 17 year old student, Kaley Leighton - no witnesses. Plus a "local newspaper reporter" supposedly treated similarly.

Some years ago an very unfortunate accident occurred at an event I was running, and you would not believe the tissue of exaggeration and blatant untruth that the newspapers local and national printed until I was lucky enough to get the BBC East Anglian local news to feature the real story. After which the vultures moved on. No apologies or retractions.

The Penguin


it's either banned or compulsory said...

This 'story' is, as you say Mr. Penguin, total bollox.
The only 'negative ' comments from our locals come when they realise that they cannot buy their regular shoe shining condiments from the Polish Shop.

Anonymous said...

as i live in goole the english locals are racist towards foreigners the younger are abusive and arrogant kaley was either causing trouble or lying the polish are just trying to make a living goole is in need of serious education half of them dont understand european union if they worked in spain how would they feel if the spanish called them fuc.... foreigner this accusation should not have been published papers like the star love this perhaps they are nf