Monday, 23 March 2009

Hoon Of The Day

This fuckwit not only arranged an illicit tryst in his House Of Commons Office, he took incriminating photographs of the encounter, which he then managed to lose possession of. Confronted by a Sunday Newspaper, he denied the story was true. Then he 'fessed up, but claimed he barely remembered the evening.

Now, if I was the lady in the photographs I'd be kind of peeved at being so forgettable, and I'd be googling for Max The Cunt Clifford's phone number.

If I was the wife of 30 years I'd be horrified that cheating on me was so ordinary as to be un-memorable.

If I was his best man Gordon McBroon, I'd need another Nokia.

If I was a voter in his constituency I'd be horrified that such a fucking cretin was supposed to represent my interests.

All in all, hilarious.

The Penguin


Faux Cu said...

The fag-end of the Roman Empire, and the whole fetid lot are going down for good unless, Gorgon declares Martial Law, invades Pakistan and declares cordons sanitaire around Luton, Wolverhampton etc

Lexander said...

You are in great form RP. I still fondly recall my occasional shag in the house. The secretaries got very randy late at night. It's been going on since the beginning and long may it continue.

Faux Cu said...

There is something to be said for the Frogs.

String em up, pour encourager les autres, declare a new Republic, (re)write the (a) Constitution, (now that would be a first) and wait for the next lot of scum to volunteer for the tumberau.


Limit the fuckers to 15 years max tenure and create a citizen court to oversea their expenses and business dealings.

Faux Cu said...


oversea should read oversee although we could ship the fuckers to a new Parliament in Gruinard Island and send them food parcels, if they behave.

Captain Swing said...

Another lying scotch cunt.

How did the tart in question get past security?
I suppose the only saving grace is he isnt a uphill Gardener like most of his colleagues.

The Penguin said...

Shared a flat with Gordon, probably tainted.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

"I am, of course, ashamed my conduct fell below acceptable standards."
Does he mean SMOKING in his office ( as per reports of one of the unprinted photos )?

He denied the story but then 'fessed up'. So he is a fucking LIAR too. Cunt, sorry, HOON of the day indeed.

This deeply illiberal and shocking individual deserves to be hoonded from office.