Monday, 16 March 2009

Cherie Slot-Gob Sues RBS Fiasco

WARNING - This Photograph Is Of An Ugly Woman

Money-mad Cherie Bliar QC, the well known ticket dodger, is to lead for a class action in America against RBS in respect of losses occasioned by the collapse in the share price.

A nice little earner for m'learned friends, but assuming she wins, who the fucking hell pays?

Who now owns RBS?

The Penguin


Earthlet Nigel said...

Call me Mister Thicky, but am I missing something here.

How can the verdict in a US court be made to apply here, or are we now no longer de facto the 51st state, but actually are in all but name.

Or is she doing this cos the income from "after dinner" speeches has dried up?

And I always thought the reciprocal arrangement we had with them was one way, and that to their advantage.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Earthlet Nigel, there are British Bankers in US jail for trading in stuff in UK in ways that are not criminal here but are in the US. They were extradited by our government.

I asked in a blogg somewhere the other day how come our insolvent banks were still trading and isn't that illegal, well spotted Cherie !

Captain Swing said...

I thought I had seen the last of her ugly mug when Tony got the shove.
Please put an advisory warning next time you post a picture of this hideous woman so as not to scare the animals.

The Penguin said...

OK Captain Swing, I've done as you asked.

Odin's Raven said...

Didn't she make a fortune taking immigration cases against the laws her husband had cooked up? All paid for by the British taxpayer, all the time.

Captain Swing said...

Thanks for that.

The Refuser said...

Better still could we not have a "click here" option to uncover the hideous hag? Think of the children!

captainff said...

You could have put the warning ABOVE the photo .. .. scared my children half to death (who, admittedly, were in the next room) and they now refuse to go to sleep in case the ugly woman eats them whole in their nightmares.

The Penguin said...

Sorry, I haven't worked out how to position photos where I want them.

All this technology is tricky stuff for flightless birds!