Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Killed By Careless Cost Cutting At MOD

Anthony Huntrod, RIP

This young man joined the Royal Navy, learned a skilled trade and was on one of our nuclear submarines engaged in exercises with our American allies, when he and a colleague were killed by a faulty piece of equipment which had been returned into use after being scrapped as dangerous by some pen pusher at the MoD saving a few quid.

The pen pusher has been identified by the coroner.

The seven-week inquest which ended today heard how a batch of almost 1,000 Self Contained Oxygen Generators (SCOGs) were taken out of a hazardous waste depot in Plymouth and returned to Royal Navy stocks a year before the accident.

Paperwork was altered to classify them as safe to use, and it is possible this was one of the SCOGs which caused the tragedy - although incomplete records mean it is impossible to say.

The coroner singled out Christopher Clark, an MOD civil servant, who made the decision to move hundreds of SCOGs out of the hazardous waste depot in order to cut costs.

"He did not give any consideration to the safety implications. His decision was inappropriate."

The whole inquest would probably be held in secret and without a jury in the future thanks to that loathsome cunt Jack Straw. Mustn't embarrass the government.

In years long gone, this would have required a minister to resign. Sadly, they have no honour. Merely nests to feather and pockets to line.

Armed Forces Minister Bob "Useless Tosser" Ainsworth today offered his 'unreserved apologies' to the bereaved families for the 'avoidable failings, for which this department is responsible, which brought about this tragic incident.'

The Penguin


it's either banned or compulsory said...

As you say Penguin, all such future scandalous murders of our Servicemen will be hidden by the lies and desceits allowed by Slippery Jacks new secret Coroners Courts.

Jack Straw, Hang Your Head In Shame.

The Filthy Engineer said...

I worked alongside civil servants supporting my insignificant area of the armed forces. Believe me, they had no idea of the ramifications of some of their decisions.