Tuesday, 24 March 2009

"Education, Education, Education" Seriously Fucked Up By NuLiebore

"My children did OK!"

12 years after Tony Bliar's "Education, Education, Education" mantra there are 5,000 primary school children in London who have not got a secondary school to go to in September.

The £208,000 a year head of the Learning and Skills Council resigns after the rebuilding of colleges programme runs out of money - although he'll walk off with £104,000.

The ludicrous OFSTED (headed up by Mrs Tony "Mmmm, Allowances" McNulty) threatens to close a Grammar School with a 96% 3-GSCEs at A B or C pass rate because it's "race relations policy" is out of date.

Hyprocritical NuLiebore politicians from Tony Bliar to Harriet Harman, Ruth Kelly and Dianne Abbott send their children to select or fee-paying schools while brow-beating the ordinary people to use the increasingly useless state schools.

Top Universities are insisting on better than three Grade A A-Levels because the exams are dumbed down.

Councils spy on parents to determine if their children qualify for their schools.

Truancy is off the scale.

Ed Balls is in charge.

The Penguin


Oldrightie said...

Dear heaven above, Penny, when will this ever end. Their incompetence is beyond any rant.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

A chap in the construction trade told me about the LSC bollox last week. They approved various projects and effectivly gave the do-ahead but when they got around to totting them all up it came to ( from memory ) £3.4B against their budget of £2.6B.
Cunts can't even add up as they go along.