Saturday, 21 March 2009

Oh Come Off It, A Peer Of The Realm Wouldn't Lie!?

What on earth will they suggest next?
How could one be expected to believe that a Peer of The Realm would tell lies? What ever next? They'll be suggesting that Peers might be corrupt, venal, grubby, or have blood on their bumpers!

It's an outrage!

The Penguin


Oldrightie said...

He's quite new to this peerage business but obviously a fast learner.

Cuse said...

Back to the usual pathetic amount of interest + comments eh cunt-for-brains.

Fucking mug

RavingMad said...

Hells bells, give this man a chance! He's only been a minister for about a year - unelected, of course - which has a pronounced effect on his ability to get up to speed. We all know that government figures suggest that it takes as much time again as the first time to reach the troughability factor required to continue to leech of the country. Now, Myners has had relatively little time to achieve his quotient and , given, he was given the onerous task of working within the Treasury, where the floorboards are softer and more pliable, he has in effect only just taken his slippers off!.
The man's a lying cheating bastard.
Send him down.

The Global Phoney said...

Lord Sir Frankly My Mate Paul Myners Esq is my mate. I chose him for my government of all the talents because he is talented and my mate. He obviously knows nothing about the Banks as we all know they caused the downturn which I am so busily trying to turn up again. So please, if you want to blame anyone, blame America.

The Penguin said...

Shame you are so interested, "Cuse" you dull troll. Your contributions add nothing of any worth.

Rather indicative that your shoe size is higher than your IQ.

Troll The Trolls said...


Fucking teacup!

it's either banned or compulsory said...

'Lord' Myners = "Peer Peer, pants on fear". said...

Whatever happened to Truscott Taylor and Moonie, the "lords" who change laws for cash?

Oh yeah that's right, they "didn't break any rules."


wv - vulti, nearly there

Harri said...

Now i understand why the fuckers banned hanging?

Utter bastards

We need a new Albert Pierrepoint

Fuck it, i will do it for free.

Cuse said...

Shame that if I'm of such little interest to you Penny that you had to search the fucking web to find references to me you fucking cock-for-brains.

I've got some ideas for you Penn that add yet further worth:

a) Stop reading the Daily Mail
b) Stop trying to be the even poorer man's Paul Staines. I mean, he's cunt and you're obviously a cunt, but putting links on his blog-for-cunts won't make your blog-for-cunts any wider read
c) Take a College course on "how to be funny" - because you're fucking well-wide of the mark
d) Leave the public sector. It's making you bitter. Being a nursery school teacher is hard, I know. But get a proper fucking job.

No, no. Don't thank me. I've been a cunt consultant for years. Have these on the house.

The Penguin said...


"I've been a cunt consultant for years."

Just one word too many in that sentence.

Have you nothing better to do, or are you on Dolly's payroll? If the latter, his standards are lower than I had imagined possible.

Getting such a thrashing at Guido's must really have hurt, you seem obsessed with him.

Do try and get over it.