Monday, 30 March 2009

Keen To Claim, Less Keen To Work?

Two Fat Piggies Went To (The Property) Market

Husband and wife MPs Ann Keen and Alan Keen have done very nicely thank you from the additional homes allowance. They represent adjoining constituencies in West London and live just 9 miles from Westminster, a journey of some 30 minutes by car.

But this was just not good enough, and so they bought an apartment within walking distance of the House of Parliament, assisted by the taxpayer. Both the Keens claimed every penny they could get away with, on top of their salaries and other expenses, and the property has increased in value by some quarter of a million pounds, which is a nice little bonus for them.

The taxpayer does not seem to get much value for money though, as Mr. Keen spoke in just 5 debates last year, and Mrs. Keen was actually sued in court by a disgruntled voter for being useless and found guilty!

The Penguin


Oldrightie said...

Two more Labour troughers. I wonder what the numbers are from other parties? I suspect a lot smaller.

Lexander said...

Spot on with comments Penguin. Why do their constituents up with this put? Always did and does baffle me. But that is the way of the "blind" followers of political parties.

Anonymous said...

You have to ask what the fuck their employers were doing when all this happened? Were they all watching Big Fucking Brother or something?

These two should be the prime recipients of global viral blogoshere harassment from now - other than that we could put them both on an underground train and lose them, descretely.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Twin troughligates, are the local press on to these cunts ?
If Not, WHY NOT ? And Toyncunt wants us to subsidise the fuckers ?

I should fucking Co Co.