Friday, 13 March 2009

Coming To The Promised Land

There are thousands of would be immigrants and asylum seekers hanging about in Calais, being looked after by charities supported by the French Authorities, who are also handing out information on how to claim asylum when they get to Britain.
By 2050 Britain will have more people living here than Germany - only we are not the same size as Germany, and very few will be living in remote areas of Scotland.

So it's going to be a crowded England. One household setting up every 6 minutes for the next 25 years. Let's hope they are all hard-working honest folk with jobs lined up to come to. What was that, British Jobs For British Workers? Oh come on, get real, if Manifesto Commitments are not worth anything in a Court of Law, then sound bites from a Prime Mentalist stroking the faithful at a Party Conference? Let's hope they are either Christian or Atheist, rather than radical Islamists. Let's hope they are not criminals let in by our supine Border Control Agency.

Some fucking hope!

The Penguin


Chris said...

So that'd be time to reoccupy Calais then...

David said...

It really is depressing. A freeze needs to be put on the taking in of ANY asylum seekers. Most, if not all, are only desperate to come to the UK for free lunch, lodging, 62" plasma tv etc. anyway. They have to be kicked out of the country on arrival (if ever caught). A strict cap also has to be put on immigration; bugger the useless points system the cretins have devised, and to hell with people buggering off and bringing back spouses from arranged marriages. There is enough home grown totty.

Social cohesion is breaking down, and prejudices against ethnic minorities, already long established are being stoked by this influx of constant new "immigrants". For the sake of the British people of whatever ethnicity, something has to be done urgently.

scunnert said...

England has gone - Scotland next?

Call me Infidel said...

Good thing the British government is spending millions basing UKBA in Calais then. That'll stop the buggers...or not. The whole system failed originally under the conservatives but is now broken beyond repair thanks to ZNL and the Human Rights bullshit. In the good old days immigration officers at the port would simply refuse entry and that was that, back on the boat or aircraft. Then the ambulance chasers came along crying foul so the decision was taken away and handed to the muppets in Croydon. Word got around that Britain was the land of milk and honey with incompetant bureaucrats and free legal assistance and the flood gates opened. To be honest I can't see how you will fix it short of leaving the EU. The French should of course deport these deadbeats back to where they came from but they face the same problem as Britain. Once they make it across the channel where do you deport them too if they have no identity? So for France the cost effective solution is to allow them to loiter till they find a way to get in and become Britain's problem. The fact that France has signed up to the Dublin Agreement is conveniently ignored.