Monday, 16 March 2009

The Curious Priorities Of Inspector Knacker

The plod in Luton are providing a muslim extremist with 24 hour protection after his windows were smashed following his prominent role in the protest against the Royal Anglians marching through Luton, which you'll recall was so badly reported on by the Biased Browncasting Corporation (paid for by a tax).

This seems to be a very different set of priorities than are usually displayed by Inspector Knacker and his merry men.

You wouldn't have to look very far to find numerous cases where the police farce failed to take seriously complaints about windows being broken. Even in the fragrant environs of Luton, where muslim youths have been trying to force non-muslims to leave areas they regard as being "theirs".

Or many cases where complaints to the police about abusive and violent ex-husbands were not taken seriously leading to murder.

So what is so special about this case?

The Penguin


Sue said...

I'm saying nothing!!!

The Penguin said...

Sue, from what you say about the fun habit of muslim youths in Luton to go cruising the dark streets looking for a lone white bloke to attack, why on earth are not the locals running the odd "Q-ship" operation, whereby the ambushers are ambushed? An elderly LWB Transit or similar for a few hundred quid makes agreat battering ram to immobilise the Muslims' vehicle, and can carry plenty of "troops".

Not that I'd approve of any such action. Much.

One or two such incidents, carefully handled so as not to bring too much reaction from plod, would soon make this a much less attractive pastime for the local ragheads.

Anonymous said...

I will say something, this might be new in Luton but as people living in Oldhamistan will agree groups of feral paki's roaming the streets and the police so nothing about these thugs. They certainly do something about any whites accused of "racial" stuff, might targets have something to do with it. While they are doing fuck all let them go to the Blackburn tripeangle, Blackburn, Burnley and Accrington whole streets with not a white face there. They make life not worth living for the poor sods till they move out and guess what peace loving religion the people are who move in the empty house will be? A few more Lutons and I can see fun on the horizon.

Anonymous said...

This makes my blood boil.

AngryDave said...

The police use anti-terrorist power to harass the fuck out of everyone, then they send a van load of coppers round to protect terrorists. Fucking idiots!!

Has anyone else noticed that the attacks by muslim youths on the staff of a military hospitol in Birmingham have not been reported in the media.
A mate of mine who works with me at the jail, heard about it from a mate from his old regiment he visited there just before christmas.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

From your second link

"When a Mecca Bingo Hall opened in the heart of Bury Park, its windows were smashed. The neon Mecca sign, some Muslims claimed, was an insult to their religion because it associated the name of their holiest city with gambling."

That initial attempt at appeasement ( they changed the name to Ladbrokes or somesuch ) happened over twenty years ago.

Cuse said...

Fucking numbskulls.

"Feral pakis"? Are you fucking real?

Penguin - you're a fucking feral cunt - ambushing muslims? Of course, that advice wouldn't result in over-reaction and dead innocents from the cuntish chav underclass like yourselves who preside in this country. I believe you've adopted the phrase "indigenous populalation" from BNP literature to try and give yourselves prominence? Indigenous to what - Cunt-Land?

Fucking wankers. Dave's going to be so happy running this country, full of spastic politically inept cunts like Penguin and the wank-offs that agree with you.


The Penguin said...

Oh, there you are again.

Welcome back. Always a pleasure gaining the benefit of your closely reasoned and well crafted arguments and analysis.

Do you offer one-to-one tuition, or perhaps Master Classes for select groups wishing to improve their writing skills?

I just feel you have so much that we mere mortals could benefit from, if only you'd be so generous as to share your wisdom with us.

Cuse said...

Of course you'd answer like that you brainless chav monkey. Your blog panders to the underclass normally sought by the Mail and BNP.

Youi haven't got a clue what party I support - yet use it as an apparent insult because your views are indefensible.

It's easy being you isn't it - anonymous and self-righteous, condoning random attacks on groups you don't like.

Come on then, you oh-so-brave political renegade. Let's see you driving your transit around attacking anyone who appears vaguely muslim.

It's like being in an Ilford pub, listening to Big Dave who knows someone who's sister's friend's Father's Uncle, who just so happened to bump into some nuuter called Frank, whose Brother's Boss's Missus's Hairdresser cut an old Lady's hair, who knew some bloke whose an absolute diamond, yeah, who knew a cousin who heard that Muslims had attacked a nurse, right.

Your measured and entirely reasonable response is absolutely right.

You frighten the fuck out of me. I was hoping cretins like you had died with the last incarnation of the fucking Tories.

oh, and by the way, go fuck yourself you pompous, patronising cunt.

The Penguin said...

Ooh, nice one, Cuse.

Shame about the odd typo, but who am I to criticise anyone for that?

Is "Cuse" really you real name? I suppose it must be, or you wouldn't be accusing me of being anonymous. Perhaps having such a name explains a lot. You were probably bullied at school, and the stress aggravated your acne, making it even harder for you to form relationships with girls.

Still, that does have advantages, for the rest of us, in that you are unlikely to be able to breed.

However, there's always masturbation to fall back on.

Cuse said...

Devastating come back Penguin.

Like a mix of matron and a sexually repressed primary school teacher.

I can't work out if you're trying to be funny with the comments on acne and breeding; trying to be patronising or just being impossibly immature. Of course, if your blog had any semblance of credibility - you'd attempt to defend your cretinous racial views instead of resorting to the pallid carbon-copy of Paul Staine's blog you're aiming for.

You are anonymous, you little shit-stick. You're hiding behind a pretty fucking useless pseudo-identity and attempting to be worthy.

You're fucking meaningless; unable to justify, reason or debate anything beyond the shallow and nasty invective you provide in your piss-pot posts.

I would feel sorry for you if it wasn't for the fact that you're such a nasty little fucker.

The Penguin said...

Oh, sorry, did that sting a bit?

I do worry about your obsession with Paul Staines. Do you perhaps need a therapist? I have heard so much about one based in Marylebone, would that be convenient for you?

Much as I'd love to engage in sensible debate with you were you worth my time and energy, the fact is - you are not.

So, I prefer to take the proverbial out of you, and you, like the rest of the trolls, keep coming back to get another slapping.

The strange thing is, you seem so unaware of how silly you look to the grown ups.

Cuse said...


Only the terminally deluded (of which you and Staines are definitely partners) or the criminally arrogant (another classic character flaw of the Tories) could possibly come up with "did that sting a bit".

Truly, you have the impact on me of a naughty child. I find you amusing. By constantly claiming not to care then spending a reasonable amount of time concocting sub-6th form humour-level ripostes to my posts - you do appear rather confused.

I especially love the fact that you claim to "slap" trolls. Truly dear Penguin, trying to be beastly to people who can see through the vacuous nonsense you spout is not "slapping trolls". It's showing you as the shallow, hate-filled nobody you really are - blogging doesn't make you important, despite how special it makes you feel dear Penguin.

And BTW - if you're going to use patronisation as a weapon of ridicule - at least don't make any typo's as you criticise those that do.

You profligate ingrate.

The Penguin said...

Good chap!

I'd like to address you on equal terms, but why should I lower myself?

Your postings are reminiscent of something....

Yes, that's it! Four year olds who are trying out "naughty words" to see which gets a result, not realising hos hilarious it all is to the grown ups listening. They too seem to like words that rhyme, even if they don't know what they mean. And they also make words up which don't really exist.

Still, very well done.

Cuse said...


You'd think someone who practised patronising so much as you would be more...effective at it.

And truly - trying to claim that naughty words are somehow beneath you really highlights the level of your confusion. You've taken the use of the word Cunt to new levels on your shite little blog. Yet more of your Paul Staine's Emperor complex shines through. Are you still posting links to your site on his blogs? My, that makes you feel special doesn't it?

And more typo's. You see - that's the problem with trying to use sarcasm. It often makes you look like a bit of a cunt.

"Address me on equal terms"? Jesus - stop it. Any credibility you wished you had is looking more and more like the scribblings of an insane fucking retard.

You fucking child.

The Penguin said...

Are you a Timothy or a Maurice?

Did they call you "speccy 4 eyes" at school?

How's the acne?

If you have so much to say, why don't you toddle off and set up your own blog rather than infesting other people's whose views you find offensive? Is it because you never learned to make friends?

Cuse said...

Sorry, missed the name reference. And the acne and speccy 4 eyed ones also. Again, your apparent humour was as wide of the mark as your normal efforts.

All in all - you've shown yourself to be just the sort of twat who has to appear on blogs like Paul Staine's one and advertise your own, crap effort.

If all you have is condemning typo's, then you really are a shit-filled cunt-stick.

The Penguin said...

Penguin 5 "Cuse" 0

Game over, now do us all a favour and fuck off.