Saturday, 21 March 2009

Who Says The G20 Is Good For Nothing?

Delusional Cunt Bites Nails

Some people are suggesting that the G20 Photo Opportunity for Our Great Leader is a waste of time and money, and will only lead to embarrassment for McBroon as he desperately tries to spin a success out of a disaster.

However, it's a nice little earner for the Police Farce, loads of overtime and all the shiny new toys they can ask for.

The Penguin


Cuse said...

Still linking to the Daily Mail, cunt-for-brains?

Fucking mug

The Penguin said...

My blog, I can link to whom I choose.

Whereas you have no influence here, and probably fuck all anywhere else, because you are a foul mouthed non-entity.

Have a nice day.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

All leave cancelled for the Met that week, loverly jubberly, all that overtime.
"Commander Bob Broadhurst, said anarchists and environmentalists were planning sit-in protests and attacks on financial institutions...
he anticipated that around 1,500 protesters would take part in April Fools' Day protests in the City.

1,500, is that all ? 1,500 smelly hippies threaten to bring the capital to a halt despite all that Britains finest can bring to bear ? FFS, the Chelsea Shed could field that number on a good day some years back.

Commander Bob was on the radio yesterday trying to scare middle England with the revelation that 'anarchists', squatters and other 'extremists' were going to "re-form" just to disrupt G20 !
Oh God, Save Us Bob, Deliver Us From This Evil. Civil Contingencies just around the corner ?

Cuse It's past your bedtime; off you go, there's a good lad.

Cuse said...

"Cuse, You are a foul mouthed non-entity.

The Penguin

21 March 2009"

"George Galloway.

Smug Cunt.

The Penguin

20 March 2009"

Fucking Mug.

The Penguin said...

"Cuse", you imbecile, you just don't seem capable of understanding what the situation is. This is my blog. You are a silly troll.

So that makes you the nonentity, and means I can be as foul-mouthed as I choose to be. If you'd like the situation in reverse, then publish your own blog, and we'll be delighted to see if it is worth shitting all over. Or not.

Cuse said...

Ha ha ha.

Fucking mug.

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