Tuesday, 24 March 2009

"British Jobs For British Workers!" Bites McBroon Again

Trying to paper over the obvious disagreements and continue with his government by Grandstanding and Gimmick, Gordon McBroon, The Great Leader and Saviour Of The World will be gurning and dribbling as he lectures the European Parliament this afternoon on the importance of following his Fisting Stimulus and Grand Spunking Of Taxpayers' Money.

It seems that the French, trustworthy as ever, have prepared a good slapping for the deluded prat.

In the speech immediately following Gordon The Moron, a senior MEP close to the Hungarian Adulterer will remind everyone of Gordon's sorry little soundbite "British Jobs For British Workers", point out that the G20 was set up by Sarkozy, and that the IMF think Gordon's handling of the British economy is piss-poor.

Let's hope the cameras focus on The Prime Mentalist as he has to digest this. I'm sure his aides and cocksuckers will have a new Nokia and a clean pair of trousers ready.

The Penguin

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