Friday, 20 March 2009

Hoon Of The Day

George Galloway.

Smug Cunt.

The Penguin


David said...

Infandous, but still a smug cunt.

Glad Canadian immigration refused the bastard entry here. Pity they let that smug fuck, Tony Bliar in last year to earn big bucks, by telling Canadians how great a leader he was.

Anonymous said...

There are no forms of disease known to man painful enough to suffer the cunt. I hope that he outlives his children - soon. The greasy, slimy pleb should then be force-fed to anyone who has voted for him - which might be more nutritious than their normal victuals of KFC and crisps.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

George Galloways arguments to be allowed into Canada are much the same as Geert Wilders appeal to be allowed to enter UK and for that I support him in this case.
He says he is just a politician with a different point of view to the Canadian Government.

Free The Galloway One ! Stupid cunt.