Monday, 30 March 2009

Which Little Piggy Will Be Next?

The leaking of Mrs Richard Timney's claiming of "adult films" as part of her immoral claims for additional costs involved in having her sister's spare bedroom as her main residence raises a good few laughs, but also one very serious question for the rest of the trough-pigs in the House Of Commons.

What juicy little item will be leaked next? Whose troughing habits will be next under the media spotlight?

I suspect there's a lot of worried pigs!

The Penguin


Oldrightie said...

'D' notice next? Probably forbidding Mandy's condom supplier's name being leaked.

Anonymous said...

Believe it or not, the BBC are listing many of the London MPs who are claiming all those expenses that we are pig-sick of them claiming. Many at the top ie 23,000 of the scale - Dawn Butler, Derek Conway, Harry thingy