Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Then They Wonder Why So Many People Hate Them?

Well done a few lunatic Muslims in Luton, spoiling the welcome home parade for the Royal Anglian Regiment.

You are doing a great job, keep it up.

Then when things get really nasty, you can congratulate yourselves.

The Penguin


Sue said...

I have alot of friends who live round Luton.. and my daughter lives on the outskirts.

I do hate them, I must admit but then I have had more reason than most to.. I have had quite a few bad experiences with our muslim friends.

Anonymous said...

Cowardly cunts the lot of them

David said...

I am sure the local police farce could conjure up suitable charges, and arrest the bastards. If they are that pissed off, then they should piss off.

Ruth Kelly's plaything said...

'Farce' is the right word, David. Bedfordshire Police are run by a pair of bints who are very, very careful about 'community relations'. No chance of looking for a good old barney involving the dogs and truncheons, regrettably. Ye gods, the force even issued a statement after that terror lot Hizb'al Tahrir (?) ran a meeting in Bedford last week to say they presented no problem.

For as long as Plod and Jacqboots see the job as pacifying our excitable oriental friends, rather than sorting the buggers out, they will continue to imagine they have a right to insult our armed forces. Bastards.

Old Holborn said...

They look well integrated though eh?

Not a fucking job between them, but plenty of benefits.

Tory Poppins said...

I was completely HORRIFIED when I saw this tonight on the news! (Although, not altogether surprised!) I bet this government encouraged it in the name of free-speech!

Anonymous said...

You're absolutely correct. Things getting "really nasty" is I suspect exactly what their objective is.

The sooner they can provoke reaction and attacks on "their" community, the sooner the war can start.

A Brand is a fat Hoon.

Dianne Abbot is a Brand.

Anonymous said...

Penguin - you're a loathsome cunt.

I hate Tory cunts like you. I don't want you to leave the country. I just want you to fuck off up your own cock-battered cunts.

Fidothedog said...

Anon sounds like a hate filled Muzzie, or a socialist scumbag like the cunt Gordon Brown.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Given how vast a minority the Moslems are in Luton, this so-called protest was pretty thin on the ground and, frankly, pathetic.
Without police protection they might have got a good kicking.

Luton, that's the town where car-loads of Moslem youths trail around looking for lone whites to attack and where several churches have been fire-bombed this year and last but the press don't want to tell us about it.

Source, indigenous eye-witnesse X several.

David said...

Is anonymous at 19.43 suggesting the Penguin has a harem, or perhaps is unusually endowed? No I think hes just another socialist loving scumbag, who cares not a scrap about the damage being done to their lovely country.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

This was posted @ O/H, seems things nearly did turn nasty but the msm did not choose to tell us


Love the comments there btw.

Anonymous said...

Just watched that video...I wonder how tempting it was for the coppers to stand aside?

Anonymous said...

i wish that any muslim that protested about anything this or any other british govt did was automatically deported. Why the fuck should they complain about what the govt does in their home country? if it bothers them so much why dont they fuck off back and sort the shit holes outs themselves. muclim cunts i hate em all