Sunday, 15 March 2009

Peter Connolly - Scale Of Incompetence Revealed

Inevitably, the Serious Case Review that Ed Balls tried to suppress has been leaked, revealing a truly shocking state of serial incompetence in Haringey's Social Services, aided and abetted by Inspector Knacker and the NHS. There are considerable differences between the report and the anodyne "summary" that Ed Balls released to the public.

Read about it and weep.

Ed Balls should be sacked. Sadly, with the Prime Mentalist needed all the bum chums he can muster, it won't happen, and the cunt has not the decency to resign.

Meanwhile m'learned friends are doing their best to fuck over the taxpayer big time on behalf of the harridan who was (nominally) in charge at Haringey SS. The vile Shoesmith is now claiming sex discrimination, as this gets round the cap on claims for wrongful dismissal. The disgusting creature is claiming that the stress of being sacked has made her depressed and suicidal - no words of shame or grief for failing Peter Connolly so badly, or for his suffering.

Watford Employment Tribunal should throw her claims out.

The Penguin


Anonymong said...

I guess that if you're a cunt, the natural thing to sue for is sex discrimination.

They should should sack the whole lot of them Balls and down. Then hang them

Tory Poppins said...

Bravo Penguin. Ed Balls-up et al need to be publicly hung over this case. Its a disgrace.

Van Helsing said...

The problem is they're all culpable and protect each others backs to protect themselves.
If there wasn't this self interest, they would have the guts to counter claim against this evil woman, for being worse than incompetent. Taking wages under false pretences etc.
If she gets awarded any sort of compensation it will show once again this govt's. appetite for throwing taxpayers money at a problem to make it go away.
It will also show how bothered they really are about the death of baby P.
It's a pity she didn't pay as much attention to the case of baby P when he was alive,rather than she is, when claiming her bounty for his death.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Hopefully this will be the end of Ed no-Balls, why didn't the twat just publish it in the first palce ?
As for shoeshite, she wasn't sacked for being a woman but for being a useless self-serving cunt.

Good nice long court case exposing her cuntitude would go down very well.

PS Congrats Mail On Sunday for finally getting this report public.