Wednesday, 11 March 2009

How The Fuck Can You Spend £100,000 On A Website?

Just Say Sorry, You Cunt!

Just what is going on? Estimates of up to £50 MILLION of taxpayers' hard-earned is to be spunked off to fund Gordon's Big Gamble, The Photo Opportunity Which Will Save The Planet.

The scale of the nonsense beggars belief. This is a fucking meeting which could be done better by video link and telephone, instead of all those air miles and carbon fucking footprints.

They are spending £6,000 on a fucking logo, for fuck's sake! What do they need a logo for? To focus on for the group wank?

Then there's £100,000 on a website? This for a one day event and a pile of useless promises carefully forgotten the day after? How the hell can you spend £100,000 on a website? Doesn't even require a fucking shopping trolley as there's nothing to buy except fetid hot air and a pair of piss-stained trousers! You could run it up in Publisher in ten minutes, hosting it would cost about £120 for two fucking years, domain name about £6.88 for two years for a

So someone's doing very nicely. Motto for this shower of shit of a government = Wasting Money, That's What We Do!

The Penguin


Gorgon 'pishy troosers' Broon said...

We're gonna spunk away as much as we can while we still can, you fucking tax paying cunts. Up yours!

Michael Winner said...

Calm down, dear, it's only an advert.

Oldrightie said...

I said this last week. Brown would piss even more money up the wall. Still he only has to print a bit more.

Sue said...

He has no concept of what a million or half a million is anymore does he? He needs a funny farm!!!

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Just to top it all off, they will have a " smoking lounge ".

Hypocritical hoons.

Anonymous said...

Penguin - right on. Also:
Every "town hall" in the fucking country is spending vast amounts of money on "communications" rather than sensible shit houses.