Monday, 9 March 2009

Hoon Of The Day

Launched her claim for unfair dismissal today.

Vile Cunt.

The Penguin


Disgusted of west London said...

A truly unbelievable woman. I wonder how many friends she's lost since the fallout began?

It's strange how such a *cold* woman could end up in charge of childrens's services.

Very icy creature.

Oliver Drew said...

Unbelivable. She should be laughed out of the tribunal. Then fined for wasting everyone's time.

Cato said...

I was driving along a very quiet country lane when I heard this on the radio. I nearly put the car into a ditch.
What a cheeky fucking bitch she is.

Earthlet Nigel said...

Strange how the righteous believe they are entitled to justice for perceived wrongs against them, yet deny or obfuscate the process for everyone else. Slot the bitch

Anonymong66 said...

My first reaction was that we've found the only person as delusional as Gorgon.

Then I thought that this could be excellent news...If she is seriously contending that it wasn't her fault, what dirt is she going to be dragging out about everyone around her?

First hear her out, then hand her (and anyone, Ed Balls, that she implicates) over to Earthlet Nigel

Fidothedog said...

The words off fuck cunt and you leap to mind. Bloody woman fucks up and now demands the public stump up a wedge of cash for her.

Anonymous said...

That should be Page 3 in the Guardian, that would give the average reader a semi/moist on.

"Here's sexy Sharon, 56, and you can see she'll say 'haringey the expense' when it comes to her tribunal hearing!"

I must confess that I am not too overwrought about Baby P's death. This will always happen whilst we allow mutants to breed. We cannot spend our way out of evil. I wonder why we try.

I am annoyed that we pay people to keep this to a minimum, and they don't. Then they get pissed off when they are exposed and sacked.

Anonymous said...

A Brand is a fat Hoon

Dianne Abbot is a Brand

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Before anyone gets too sympathetic about slimey Sharon, don't forget about the Turkish lady member of her staff who, when presented with hving to surrender children in her care to pedos ( with Sharons approval ) whistleblowed it to the press and was promptly sacked with No Compo or Pension.

Do as you would be done by Sharon Shitshoes, Cunt.