Tuesday, 10 March 2009

British Lies For British Workers

The Dark Lord Of The Sith, Darth Bummer, has rather exposed McBroon's "pledge" to review the rules over letting foreigners take all the jobs in Britain to be another Brownie by insisting that there would be no changes to the way that the EUSSR dictates freedom of movement for labour within Europe.

Ignoring the fact that the vast majority of British workers have been let down by years of Education Education and Education so that they can barely add up or read and write let alone speak a foreign language well enough to get by let alone apply for a job in a European country, Lord Voldemort claimed that the huge influx of foreigners had had no impact on job prospects for British Workers, who should just pop over to Brussels and all would be wonderful for them. After all, it had been for him.

The Penguin


IanPJ said...

And a new Statutory Instrument to hide the figures.


Bill d'Sarse said...

So now it all becomes clear.

PM says one thing and is immediately overuled by Mandy.

Mandleson was not brought back at the request of Brown and enobled, he has been positioned by the EU as their commissar.

We are so close to the EUSSR, we really are.

David said...

"The huge influx of foreign workers has had no impact on job prospects of British workers". Utter crap.

Being over a certain age I found it impossible to get anything other than temporary contract jobs in Scotland, before I left in disgust for Canada 2 years ago. Foreign workers always stood in the way. Younger and cheaper.

The worst example I encountered was where several hundred jobs for a huge hydro electric scheme were advertised in the Inverness Courier, in bloody Polish! By the time the many locals who wanted work at the site realised what was happening the jobs had gone! A complaint was made to some government racial equality body, and of course ignored.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Bill d'Sarse said... "he has been positioned by the EU as their commissar "

Spot on, from his unassailable post in the Lords he directs us and under the Civil Continencies Act he will rule as Saruman using the regional development agencies for his creatures.