Thursday 4 December 2008

Local Council Gestapo

Remember all of those incidents of Local Council Gestapo shutting down Nativity Plays, spying on folk to determine if their children go to the right school, preventing people having too many Christmas decorations on their houses, banning folk from driving over the pavement to reach their garage, banning football in the street, stopping icecream vans playing their jingles, and threatening hair dressing salons with prison for giving customers a glass of wine?

Oddly, the same twats seem completely helpless to prevent a convicted fraudster from ripping families off with a naff theme park which fails to meet the expectations raised by it's promotion or offer anything like value for money.

This is just failure of nerve by the Council Gestapo, there are just LOADS of petty rules and regulations and Health and Safety issues they could invoke. Checking on the Public Liability Insurance, are they providing sufficient toilet facilities for the numbers of staff and visitors, are all their caterers properly insured, licensed, and certificated, all staff being paid minimum wage, conditions animals are being kept in, all electrical rules and regs for their lighting and power to rides etc. There's an endless list of stuff they could harrass them with to point of shutting them down.

But what do they do? Just insist that they can't sell alcohol as the license has not yet been approved.

You couldn't make it up and be believed.

The Penguin

UPDATE: Closed, with tales of contractors unpaid. Not by the Gestapo, who have left people out of pocket and unprotected.

UPDATE 2: Copycat Rip Off in Staffordshire - who on earth is mug enough to make these scams worth the effort?

UPDATE 3: Staffordshire Lapland shut by council. That's more like it.


RantinRab said...

Come the revolution the 'local authority' twats will be the first to swing from the lamp posts. My hate for them holds no bounds. The fucking jumped up, power mad, cant get a job in the real world, health and safety obsessed CUNTS.

Anonymous said...

"He said parents who feel they have been ripped off should call Consumer Direct which will offer advice on how they can get their money back."

Reminds me. About five years ago a complaint like this would have gone to your local trading standards officer up the council, who would have acted surprisingly quickly. (Don't ask me why - TSOs were just good at their jobs).

Then Consumer Direct was introduced, the whole point being it isn't direct and is a front organization. Your old mate Capita runs the call-screening service for the local authorities and gets nicely paid by various ministries and local authorities for doing so. It could be sensible, if it worked, but the first thing they had to do was work out a complaints protocol just for the people complaining that Capita hadn't done the job properly, or that it hadn't got handed on, or what ever.

wv. knoball
can you believe this thing, it is getting so expressive

I'm NOT Aussie Pete! said...

I offer you the "Smoking compliance officer".

Well, I guess they cannot call them kapos any more.