Monday 29 December 2008

I'm Sorry, We Can't Send A Fire Engine, Don't Have A Woman On Duty

It beggars imagination, but the PC Righteous Brigade are now demanding that fire engines have to be crewed by the right make up of persons to reflect society. So, at least one woman per five blokes (doesn't add up to me, but hey, I'm not PC )

Next it will be by sexual orientation, so at least one poof per crew. Not to mention religion, so that's one Sikh, one Hindu, and a Zoroastrian...what, no room for fire fighters? And we have not even touched on "race".

Now let's roll that out across all the public services. The Operating Theatre staffing levels should be fun, as will be the staffing of the traffic patrol vehicles. How many postal operatives will have to walk round together?

What fucking planet do these fuckwits come from?

The Penguin


Lorenzo said...

The saddest part of this is most of these PC total idiots are white English or at least British anyway. What I'm saying is my own. How embarrassing is that. Well I suppose a certain percentage of any population is mentally ill.

Anonymous said...

"Officials at the Local Government Association, which is pressing the quotas on fire authorities, said that an increased number of women firemen is necessary 'to meet the needs of local people'."

No it isn't. My need (should I ever have to call the Fire Brigade) is for the best, and most suitable crew to turn up. If that happens to be an all woman crew then fine, but not because some P.C. fuckwit has come up with an arbitrary quota.

The simple fact is men (in general) are better suited to this type of job. And before anybody accuses me of sexism, remember the words in brackets above.


banned said...

Fine, send the one legged liberal spastic, otherly ethnic lezzer to someone elses' fire; I'll make do with the real blokes, if that's all the same to you.
I'm not fussy.