Sunday 7 December 2008

Britannia, RIP

The Royal Navy no longer has enough ships to be able to send a frigate to defend the Falklands, as it is pared to the bone by successive underfunding and the other demands on it's limited resources, such as Afghanistan, Iraq, and Somali pirates. Instead they are sending a civilian crewed auxilliary coracle.

At a time when natural resources of all types are becoming increasingly rare and important, why are we not doing more to ensure that our interests in the Falklands are properly protected? Is that one-eyed snot gobbler trying to provoke another Argentinian invasion so he can try and ape Thatcher and become a hero? That's unlikely to be possible with our armed services so overstretched, and the third raters in the MOD must have explained that to him, so what is going on?

The Penguin


Catosays said...

He's probably done a secret deal with the Argies.

Anonymous said...

Dear God, having lived under that snot gobbling freak we have all become so cynical! My comment was going to be that he'd probably already decided to abandon the Falklands.

Anonymous said...

The deliberate weakness has been induced to forestall a military coup to get rid of them all. I'm told they all get new broom handles next year.

Anonymous said...

Even now Argentina will be watching the Falklands, aware that the Army is wasting its time in Iraq and Afghanistan while our Navy is but a shadow of its former self.
Do Labour care ? No, they do not as they probably view the Falklands as
a) a leftover of imperial history.
b) A reminder of Maggies glory days.