Sunday, 8 March 2009

Tough On Crime, Tough On The Benefits Of Crime?

Not only does Jack the Slippery Weasel Straw let 50,000 criminals out of jail early because he failed as Home Secretary to get any prisons built, so that they can commit yet more crimes including murders, but he hands out £6 MILLION of taxpayers' money to them as compensation for not having free board and lodging!
What an utter cunting fuckwit.

The Penguin


North Northwester said...

Sorry but this MUST be a conspiracy.
Doing something so gut-stabbingly stupid has to be being done on purpose.

I just wish I knew what it was as the New Tories are so wet it's not likely that they're bribing Honest Jack to scupper Labour.
I mean, the Snot Gobbler's bankrupted the country and destroyed its pension system, weakened, squandered and sacrificed its armed forces and is wiping out productive jobs by the swathe on a daily basis, but the Tories only lead by 12%.

No. I'm coming to think that this must be the work of the giant lizards.

Van Helsing said...

Nothing new here, move along please.
This governments answer to all problems. Throw taxpayers money at it. As long as it's not theirs, they will never stop.
The fact that it's that cunt, Jack the Hat doing it and getting caught, pleases me no end.
Still he'll ouze his way out of it, like everything else.
However it's just one more thing to bring up if he ever seriously thinks of becoming PM.