Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Rather Careless?

Seems the Army is losing guns and ammunition.
And at an increasing rate.

Where do I place my order?

The Penguin


Oldrightie said...

I suspect these weapons are being quietly distributed amongst Labour Associations for the big day Brown announces "No election"!

The Penguin said...

I doubt it - most NuLiebore cretins have no service background whatsoever and wouldn't know which way round a rifle works.

I do hope that the figures keep some of our Chief Cunstables awake at night, though.

Dungeekin said...

Well, if they're losing SA80's I don't want one thanks - used one in the mid- '90s, horrid weapon.

Rusts as soon as the sun goes behind a cloud, the magazine lips are useless....

but if they're getting rid of any Brownings or Sig-Sauers, put me down for a nice 9mm please.


Dennis said...

Dungeekin, they're supposed to have fixed all that (yeah, yeah). A far cry from the reliability of Enfield's ancient .303. They were handed out to us in the CCF at school. The caretaker was in charge of changing the targets at the rifle range -- he had the most dangerous job in Britain.

I'm surprised the MoD hasn't yet revised the squaddies' battle fatigues, to put a big bullseye on the back and front.

The Penguin said...

Oh yes, Dennis, the Short Lee Enfield .303 rifle, soldiers, for the use of, two three!!

Oh the joy of being pushed gradually backwards up hill by the recoil. And the bruising.

Whereas the Bren Gun was pretty much as accurate in single shot mode, and much nicer to play with.

Guns are great. said...

Lee enfield .303 for me please.

1000 rounds should see me through.

Captain Swing said...

SA80a2 much improved over original version.Still pretty puny though compared to the old 7.62 SLR.
I agree though the .303 Lee Enfield
is a classic man stopper.
(The best thing is you can actually own one if you have a Firearms Certificate).Just dont tell plod what you really want it for!!!!

Anonymous said...

Bollox this one's melted.....