Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Oh Dear, Slippery Jack's Favoured Criminal Faces More Jail Time

Poor Jack Straw, deliberately and cynically went for the popular headline grabbing ploy of letting Jack Tweed vary the terms of his being out of prison early on licence so he could do his newly wed duties, and what happens?

The charming chappy is found guilty of assault just a few days later.

I wonder if the Justice Secretary will engineer Mr Tweed's immediate release so he can spend as much time as possible with the People's Princess? Or maybe he could release Lord Ahmed instead as a stand in?

The Penguin


Oldrightie said...

Never was a politician so aptly named. man of straw indeed. Trouble is we have to pick up the tab.

Dennis said...

"Goody's spokesman Max Clifford said she would be upset when she heard the news from court." (Mail.)

This is terrible. Let's organize a petition.

Anonymous said...

yeah a petition to string the bugger up

Anonymous said...

I cant really see how this skinny weedy pathetic cunt is capable of assulting someone unless they are either over eighty or disabled.He may well get six months at a state Butlins but what he really needs is a fucking good kicking that he`ll remember.

Van Helsing said...

Knowing the slimey, two faced, forked tongued, git. He will get them both off. If it backfires on him he will blame someone else. Standard practice if you are a complete cunt.

Dennis what about a raffle: Winner gets to tell her.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

"Magistrates adjourned sentencing until March 26 so reports can be prepared on Tweed's background."

I'll save them the bother, he's a parasite chav cunt who needs locking up a.s.a.p.. Sorted.