Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Hospital Appointment? Best Take Some Sandwiches!

Another telling indictment of the nonsense of throwing money at the NHS without managing how it is spent under this government of all the fuckwits led by McMental.

More than 8,000 patients left hospital malnourished even though they had been admitted with no nutritional problems. This was up 16.5 per cent in a year and was more than double the figure when Labour came to power.

Some hospitals spend less than £2 per day per patient.

Oh well, if you can't kill them off with C Diff or MRSA or by surgical incompetence, starve them! Must meet those government targets!!

The Penguin


Gareth said...

The problem isn't the cost of the meals it's that the patients don't eat them. Prevalent with elderly patients due to nurses having too little time to ensure the patients eat the meals put infront of them - sometimes as the patient can't physically manage it alone.

I've long thought the paper pushers sat on their arses doing sod all are ideally placed to volunteer to sit with patients at meal times to help keep them fed.

Anonymous said...

When I get dragged into hospital I rely on my wife to bring me in food. Like a prisoner in a subcontinental gaol.

At my last misfortune I was offered for breakfast buttered rolls with marmalade. They couldn't do toast. On another trip a fellow patient wondered how crap a chef has to be that prepares porridge for hundreds of people every day, yet cannot make it without lumps in.

In the private hospital I get yoghurt and a choice of sandwiches. Its still not expensive stuff, but it is edible.

They should sub it out to 2 or 3 competing caterers and charge the patients. When the average village has one ethnic resto per 500 inhabitents there cannot be many people who don't "eat out" nowadays.