Thursday, 5 March 2009

Hoon Of The Day

Step forward "Sir" Edward Chappaquiddick Kennedy, knighted for fund-raising services to the Provisional IRA.


The Penguin


Joe said...

Thank fuck someones noticed this one, don't have a blog myself, but how the hell has this...cunt, gotten a knighthood? Mary Jo would be so happy if she hadn't died in such .... suspicious circumstances ....

And to those who were caught up in IRA attrocities, I'm sorry that the clowns that decide who get these honours have given a knighthood to this oxygen thief, may he burn in hell.

Stop Hitting Me Officer said...

I believe that the Frenchies also recently awarded The Legion D'inner or something to J K Rowling for services to commercial hyperbole.

If I were either a Sir or held the Legion D'honneur then both would be wrapped around a brick and be flying back whence they came.

Bring on Dame Jade St.Goody.

It'll happen soon.

Joe said...

Bring on Dame Jade St.Goody.

With the order of Mother Theresa with bar and pips

Dennis said...

Stop Hitting Me -- yes, do you remember a while back there was a leak about all the worthies who had declined honours? Then on the other hand we have the reptiles who want to buy them.

Beam me up.

Umbongo said...

Unless my understanding of the word is amiss, Teddy isn't a Hoon in respect of his knighthood. The actual Hoon in this case is the piece of excreta who only yesterday addressed a collection of boy-scouts and federal employees - plus 3 legislators - in the Capitol in Washington.

The Penguin said...

He's a fucking hoon for many many reasons, and accepting this "honour" merely brings him prominence here today.

Though I fully take your point about that other Hoon, who was Hoon Of The Day quite recently.