Thursday, 5 March 2009

British Benefits For Foreign Families

As yet more evidence emerges as to the complete inability of this government to secure our borders and control immigration, despite the one-eyed fuckwit's spin and soundbite about "British Jobs For British Workers", it is worth noting that after 12 months of being employed in Britain, foreigners from the EUSSR can claim the whole range of British Benefits, including Child Benefit, for their families back in Latvia or Poland. No proof of dependents is apparently required.

As the benefits on offer in Britain are far far higher than they are in say, Bulgaria, do you think there is much incentive for these foreign workers to go home if they should find themselves out of a job?

The Penguin


Oldrightie said...

No but lots of incentive for more to come here. The benefit Capital of Globalisation. All welcome except the natives.
I always felt sorry for the North American Indians. I never expected to become a victim of the same immigrant dictated genocide.

left over from the war said...

Polish ex pat newspapers contain detailed instruction on how to claim. They often say something to the effect "don't be ashamed of claiming. half of all British families are claiming." I have also seen and read advice for single pregnant women that our benefits gets them a house and they can live off benefits. Much better here than in Poland no social ostracism just Zanulabour

Brown's Britain imports the foreign poor then bleats about child poverty!