Saturday, 7 March 2009

An Action Plan

One of the first things that the new administration should do is to address the problem of re-offending by young criminals. They could do this without having to spend vast amounts and taking forever on building new prisons. Simply release from prison everyone in there for non payment of council tax or TV licences or similar nonsense, and anyone not likely to re-offend, such as wife-murderers, although they should be branded across the forehead so as to make it clear to any woman stupid enough to consider marrying them what their prospects might be.

Then use the spaces available to shuffle other convicts around so as to create a prison especially for young criminals. Change the rules so as to be able to "promote" seriously out of control "young offenders" into this prison. Ensure that every young offender gets a jail term not a caution or an ASBO.

Then hire that Sherriff who runs the seriously no-nonsense prison in America, and have him set up a regime to make each and every prisoner determined never to be sent back to prison. Chain gangs would be good, and there's plenty of useful stuff they could be made to do.

Make sure that the full rigours of the new set up are widely publicised. Organise School Tours.
Ensure that punishment and deterrence are widely understood once again.

The Penguin


Oldrightie said...

What about "uman rights innit"? Great idea that works so no chance!

Disgusted of west London said...

Agreed - it's a great idea. Alas as a nation we are much too soft nowadays and there's an army of parasites (cf P Toynbee) who would screech and scream and hte idea would sadly never get off the ground.

Perhaps post the right wing revolution, eh?

Disgusted of west London said...

At the very least all these playstations, tvs, and God only knows what else should be stripped out of the cells. It's supposed to be a prison not a bloody holiday camp!

Damo Mackerel said...

Alas it would never work. As for branding woman-beaters across the forehead, that definately would ensure a ample supply of women lining up to become their next shagging partners. Most women who are with these thugs know exactly what they're all about. All about love and all that.

killemallletgodsortemout said...

Penguin for Home Secretary!!

Damo. Why wouldn't it work? Ya big softie, giving up before Pingu has been given a chance.

It's about time some proper punishment was dished out.

Anna Raccoon said...

I think that's your best suggestion yet - a tattoo on the forehead - perfect. We have health warnings on cigarette packets, why not?
Damo - you are wrong! Most women don't find out until it is too late. Thugs are extremely good at being winsome and charming - just until they've got you hooked; been there, done that, and couldn't afford the t-shirt afterwards.......

vw = shilizen....think I might have a competition for definitions of a 'shilizen', it has distinct possibilities.