Thursday, 5 March 2009

When We Were Giants

If you have the wherewithal, please do something to help keep this iconic aeroplane flying.

The Avro Vulcan served Britain well for 30 years, and is a reminder of when we had our own military aircraft manufacturing capability, long since ruined to please the Americans.

This is the only one in airworthy condition, and funds are needed to secure its future.

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The Penguin


David said...

I remember one flying low over me, after I had reached the top of a Scottish hill, many moons ago. It was really bloody awesome. I also lost most of my hearing for quite sometime.

John Pickworth said...

Great news

Vulcan will fly again

"A last-minute campaign has raised enough money to keep the historic Vulcan in the air and on British soil."

As I live a mile from Waddington, I'm really looking forward to the end of June :-)

The Penguin said...


That and the Greening Of Mandy make this day rather a good one!

microdave said...

Todays press release from the Chairman of the Vulcan To The Sky trust: