Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Slippery Jack Angered By Rise In Legal Aid

Our glorious and much-loved Justice Minister and Lord Chancellor, the unspeakable cunt that is Jack Slippery Weasel Straw has spoken out angrily about all the dosh that the Legal Aid system is giving to m'learned friends.

"Look! It's just not right. These chaps who do the most Legal Aid work are, by and large and in the main, a bit third rate. I should fucking know, I'm just like them! That's why I became an MP, couldn't make enough as a lawyer. And now the cunts are raking in more than I can steal as a Cabinet minister. It just isn't fair!"

The Penguin


Van Helsing said...

I was going to ignore this but it's his own fault.
They wouldn't spend so much in legal aid if they didn't allow so many pointless appeals. All the greasy lawyers are doing is milking the system as much as the politicians, they're all at it.
It's not their money, it's our money. He brought it on himself and now he whines about it, not in the sense of fair play, but in the sense attacking lawyers might get him a few more votes.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Several decades ago I had a mate who was a professional crim. On those rare occaisions that he got caught his first call was to Master Lawyer Mr T. who generally got him a walk from the Police station or Magistrates.
It fell to me to have a word with Mr. T, " Stop it, it's time for him to go away, all these appeals are doing no good and he's just getting into more and more trouble ' on the out'; it'll be guns next ".

Mr. T responded " I agree with you but I am paid by the public purse to do my very best acting as his legal representative and that is what I will continue to do. "