Thursday, 5 March 2009

Good News For Seriously Ugly Chavs

Starting Early

There's some good news for those few really ugly chavs who even with the use of beer goggles can't seem to get pregnant or put some scrubber up the duff to get on the benefits gravy train.

Apparently you can go the Incapacity Benefit route by becoming obese! It may not stack up the way that Child Benefit does, because no matter how many rolls of fat you have round your middle you only get the one payment, but at £84.50 it's better than basic Job Seekers, and you could also go for the Motability Scheme to get a free car!

The Penguin

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Stop Hitting Me Officer said...

I'm atheist but, dear god that photograph has just put me off my cornflakes.

A burger's a vegetable, right? So five a day, ten for luck (with the fries coz it is that they is related to da p'tato innit) ... an' gum in da drink comes from trees an' it said strawberry on the flava an everyfink.