Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Lord Gorbals of Troughington

"Order! Order! Mine's a Peerage!"

More shitting in the face of public opinion by Jonah, as he appoints ex-Speaker Gorbals Mick to the House of Lords.

Still, the fat cunt will be in good company, along with Baroness Uddin, Lord Truscott, Lord Ahmed and the other troughing pigs.

And the fucking unspeakable Kinnocks.

The Penguin


Newgates Knocker said...

This really cannot be happening, is there nothing the public can do to stop this disgusting back- scratching charade of democracy

Zoompad said...

All lard arsed trough snouted bas*ards together.

They are doing an "Up Yours" to the rest of the British nation - just like Marie Antoinette did with her cake jibe.

banned said...

Lorfd Of The Trough

Anonymous said...

how can this fat shit be allowed to work in politics when he so blatantly took the piss. Oh thats right, the wankers who say who goes where are all complicit in the expenses fraud. What a shower of shit. I have never known such a gang of criminals, i think even the mafia would be embarrassed by the cheek of the politicians

Anonymous said...

I thought Gordon was all for having a totally elected House of Lords - how come the likes of Mandleson, Kinnock and now this scottish c**t, to name but a few, are just wafted in without a word.
GORDON F*C* OFF and take the rest of your scottish twats with you - you've got your own government up there now, go and pi*s them of instead