Saturday, 4 July 2009

You Have To Make Allowances

"It's the sort of wage you'd normally associate with a Premiership footballer or a City trader - £800 for a minute's work.

But the amazing sum is paid with taxpayers' money to council meeting chairmen at Tower Hamlets in East London.

All councillors get an allowance of £9,698, but committee chairmen get an additional £8,069.

However, Tory councillor Phil Briscoe believed the Labour authority had created extra roles for a group of 'cronies'.

He asked for a breakdown of how long each committee leader had led meetings in the last municipal year.

Labour councillor Salim Ullah managed just ten minutes with the appeals committee, which works out at £807 a minute.

Labour's Mohammed Shahid Ali spent 91 minutes on the general purposes committee, making £5,320 an hour or £88 a minute.

Councillor Briscoe said: 'It is hard to imagine any politician in Westminster could clock up allowances at such a rate.'

Councillor Ullah refused to comment but Councillor Ali said: 'The time spent actually in committee is a very small part of the work of a committee chair.'

The council said: 'Allowances for nearly all chairs are significantly below recommended amounts.'"

From the Mail.

Now, is it just me, or is there something a bit "sub continental" about these lucky chaps names?

The Penguin


North Northwester said...

Perhaps they've been currying favour with the Labour Party?

Oh, and since local government is largely subsidized from central taxation, I want my money back.

killemallletgodsortemout said...

That Eastenders on the telly really reflects the reality of life in East London, doesn't it?

The area is absolutely fucked.

Anonymous said...

Aloha snackbar!

Old Bag said...

maybe, but they are still a bunch of troughing cunts.

Anonymous said...

How many white Brits in the government in Pakistan? No its not a trick question.

Anonymous said...

I don't care which continent they come from, that is fucking outrageous! ALL politicians, local and national, should be made to pay back every penny they've received in the last 5 years, say, and then submit invoices to a pecially convened committe whose members will be paid pro rata on the savings they can make for the taxpayer against the troughing hoons.

Pavlov's Cat said...

I wrote on my own blog a few weeks ago about these troughers .
It's What's not said. and how cronyism has cost the council tax payers £500,000 , just so the council leader can get his mate a nice feather bed.

Yes they all mostly appear to have a certain ethnicity about their names and dare I suggest a kindred religious view.

This is the council 'cabinet'

Councillor A M Ohid Ahmed (East India and Lansbury)
Councillor Rofique Uddin Ahmed (Mile End and Globe Town)
Councillor Anwara Ali (Bow West)
Councillor Abdul Asad (Whitechapel)
Councillor Marc Francis (Bow East)
Councillor Rania Khan (Bromley by Bow)
Councillor Joshua Peck (Bow West)
Councillor Lutfur Rahman (Spitalfields and Banglatown)
Councillor Oliur Rahman (St. Dunstan's and Stepney Green)
Councillor Abdal Ullah (St. Dunstan's and Stepney Green)

Foos Yer Doos said...

Private Eye have been running stories on this bunch of thieves for a couple of months now. I believe the people involved in this are all Bangledeshi, according to the articles I've read it's basically the mosque that is vetting people for these positions and it they are forcing out someone with a very traditionally British sounding name at the same time, unfortunately forgot the name of the guy in question.

Interesting to see how multiculturism embraces democracy once a majority is reached in an area.