Monday, 6 July 2009

Courting The Pink Vote, Brown-Style

Advised by Voldemort, Jonah McBroon is assiduously chasing the "Pink Vote".

He had his twittering "wife" join in the Poofs Parade, although he would never stoop to using his family for political purposes.

Now he is planning to make an impact visit to the Norwich North by-election campaign, where he will appear on the steps of City Hall sucking Peter Tatchell's knob while being right royally buggered by Ed Balls.

That should do it!

The Penguin


Captain Swing said...

I find the presence of our Armed Forces at a Gay Pride March disgusting.Did they attend of they there of their own free will or were they coerced into it to help Gay Gordon.

When is the straight pride march?

Captain Swing said...

OOPs should read of their own free will....been up 3 hours but still not awake.

DaveP said...

Maybe some of our armed forces are gay, and were happy to attend, but more than likely were told to go. They don't or maybe do like it up 'em captain Mainwaring'.

St Paul said...

Gordon, the authority on courage, was concerned about security so he sent his wife.

banned said...

Dunno about the armed forces but some firemen faces=d disciplinary proceedings some while back when they failed to 'volunteer' for such service; Bristol i think.

"impact visit to the Norwich North by-election" Deluded cunt,digging his candidates grave, hooray.

Anonymous said...

All of the armed forces personnel who attended the Gay Pride march are gay and were happy to be able to march in their uniforms. They would put their life on the lines for this country. No one was forced to go to the march. So fuck off and breed, you snidey straight bastard fuckcunts.