Thursday, 16 July 2009

Spineless Lying Hypocrites.

How can you tell if your MP is lying to you? Safest just to assume they are, because no matter what they say to you, or even commit to in writing, when it comes to a vote in the House of Shame they'll just meekly do what they are told.
Here's the proof.

Eighty-two Labour MPs signed three Parliamentary motions, dating back to 2005, opposing the Extradition Act and sending Gary McKinnon to the U.S. for trial.

But only eight of them had the integrity to back the Tory Opposition Day call for an 'immediate review' of the one-sided treaty. Of the other 74 Labour backbenchers, 59 displayed rank hypocrisy by supporting the Government. Another 15 abstained.


Diane Abbott (Hackney North and Stoke Newington), David Anderson (Blaydon), John Austin (Erith and Thamesmead), Joe Benton (Bootle), Clive Betts (Sheffield Attercliffe), Lyn Brown (West Ham), Russell Brown (Dumfries and Galloway), Richard Burden (Birmingham Northfield), Dawn Butler (Brent South), Martin Caton (Gower), Ann Cryer (Keighley), Jim Cunningham (Coventry South)

Quentin Davies (Grantham and Stamford), Janet Dean (Burton), Jim Dowd (Lewisham West), Jeff Ennis (Barnsley East and Mexborough), Hywel Francis (Aberavon), Neil Gerrard (Walthamstow), Roger Godsiff (Birmingham Sparkbrook and Small Heath), Helen Goodman (Bishop Auckland), John Grogan (Selby), Patrick Hall (Bedford), David Heyes (Ashton under Lyne), Kelvin Hopkins (Luton North), Joan Humble (Blackpool North and Fleetwood), Brian Iddon (Bolton South East), Eric Illsley (Barnsley East)

Glenda Jackson (Hampstead and Highgate), Brian Jenkins (Tamworth), Martyn Jones (Clwyd South), Sadiq Khan ( Tooting), Mark Lazarowicz (Edinburgh North and Leith), Tony Lloyd ( Manchester Central), Kerry McCarthy (Bristol East), Jim McGovern (Dundee West), Anne McGuire ( Stirling), Shahid Malik (Dewsbury), Gordon Marsden (Blackpool South), Anne Moffat (East Lothian), Madeleine Moon (Bridgend), Julie Morgan (Cardiff North), George Mudie (Leeds East)

Nick Palmer (Broxtowe), Gordon Prentice (Pendle), Joan Ruddock (Lewisham Deptford), Joan Ryan (Enfield North), Martin Salter (Reading West), Andy Slaughter (Ealing, Acton and Shepherd's Bush), John Smith ( Glamorgan), Sir Peter Soulsby (Leicester South), Gavin Strang (Edinburgh East)

David Taylor (North West Leicestershire), Desmond Turner (Brighton Kemptown), Rudi Vis (Finchley and Golders Green), Lynda Waltho (Stourbridge), Bob Wareing (Liverpool West Derby), Betty Williams (Conway), Anthony Wright (Great Yarmouth), Iain Wright (Hartlepool).


Roger Berry (Kingswood), Roberta Blackman-Woods (City of Durham), Harry Cohen (Leyton and Wanstead), Andrew Dismore (Hendon), Bill Etherington (Sunderland North), Frank Field (Birkenhead), Fabian Hamilton (Leeds North East), John Heppell (Nottingham East), Peter Kilfoyle (Liverpool Walton), Christine McCafferty (Calder Valley), Bob Marshall-Andrews ( Medway), Chris Mullin (Sunderland South), Edward O'Hara (Knowsley South), Marsha Singh (Bradford West), Mike Wood (Batley and Spen).


banned said...

The usual suspects, cunts the lot of them, hopefully most won't be around after the next election, I look foward to laughing at them as they queue up outside the dole office alongside their many 'clients'..

Oldrightie said...

Abbot was worried her lifestyle might be affected if a vote caused The Government to be defeated. Fat, smug, ghastly Queen of The Jamaican Drug Aristocracy.

DaveP said...

Fucking shower of bastards; and postman bloody Pat is the most useless over rated one of them all. What does anyone see in this utter prick?

Glennys Kinnocks Glory Hole said...

How those Hypocritical cunts can sleep at night is absolutely beyond me.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Politicians are hypocrites, you say? Well, fuck me ...

Tweed said...

I nominate Joan Ruddock as smugest. Oh, and Glenda Jackson as ugliest.

Toss up between Abbott and malik as most hateful cunt in Christendom.

Glenda "MEP" Jacksonhole said...

Invite them all to a field, put it on facebook as a rave, and get Ploddy McFascist to helicopter in and arrest them all. Easy enough to get 'em there, tell 'em it's a night viewing of new build homes and the development will be called Flippers' Paradise. They'll love it.