Saturday, 4 July 2009

The Trouble With The Brownies, Gordon

The problem about a proven liar is that you can't trust him to tell the truth, even when he says he is. And when you have such serial liars as Bliar and McBroon in charge, supported by such liars as Blinky and Millipede, and tainted by the expenses scandal, is it any surprise that trust in the entire government and machinery of government evaporates? Who really believes that the Iraq War Enquiry, which Jonah wanted to be held in secret, will not be just another fucking whitewash? Who thinks the IPCC will actually bring murder charges against the policemen who killed Ian Tomlinson? Who thinks Cressida Dick should have been sacked not promoted after the murder by police of de Menezes?

In such times conspiracy theorists have a ball.

Now there are people claiming that the security services staged 7/7 to try and prop up support for the Iraq War, and there are sufficient inconsistencies in the offical reports to fuel this, as reported in the Mail.

The problem is, even if they hold an inquiry, in public, who believes it will get to the truth amidst such a pack of liars?

The Penguin

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