Friday, 24 July 2009

Here We Go Again!

It seems that the fucking "experts" learn nothing from history.

Despite the self-evident stupidity of introducing alien creatures into a country where they don't belong and where they are going to have a completely unknown and probabaly deleterious effect on the native flora and fauna, the imbeciles are planning yet another miracle cure.

I expect the Cane Toads in Australia will be laughing when they hear about it.

The Penguin


Earthlet Nigel said...

It has reached public consultation stage. We all know what that means!

Anyone who disagrees, any experts will be ignored, then when it goes tits up, no one will be accountable.

Use the vast army of the great unwashed to clear it, we are already paying for them.


Henry North London said...

Knotweed was brought over by the sodding Victorians and they only brought the female plant over which is rapacious.

Its a worse biohazard than nuclear waste.

It grows through anything, and it grows by a metre every 3 weeks.

Oldrightie said...

I'd settle for just plants running riot and taking over.

The Penguin said...

Why don't they just harvest it and use it for bio-diesel and to burn in power stations?

Blind Pugh said...

I'm with OldRightie on this one. Give the reins of government to the plants and render down McBroon and all his cronies and hangers-on for bio-diesel. In fact, lob in the Tory and Liberal Dem cunts as well, what a bonfire!

banned said...

No doubt this wee beastie will also play havoc with other native fauna and probably attack endangered Honeybee colonies as well ( that's actually a scare story that I do believe in ).

My favorite introduced species is Valarian, a plant that the Romans brought in as a narcotic and which has been eating walls ever since.
My second favorite is the Opium Poppy, brought back by Ex-Colonial types to decorate their gardens ( had some in my London childhood home ) and are now widespread thoughout Suburbia, Public Open Spaces and even waste ground. Cut the pod and out oozes the white spunky syrup that, given enough and the right equipment, each and every one of us could use to create genuine addictive Heroin.

So, next time you visit Old Aunt Maud down in deepest Surrey, don't be surprised if you get a nasty visit from the SWAT team determined to root out drug Barons root and branch.

Anonymous said...

many councils still haven't dealt with it and thats illegal

yes and they still let alien species run rampant with damaging effects to indigenous species

xoggoth said...

Beats me what the fuss is about this plant. Just pull out any shoots you see and two years later it's pretty well gone. A place I used to live had a huge stand of the stuff. It never spread.

To bring in a new insect given the record of intrusive species is insane.

microdave said...

Vaguely related, and good for a laugh:

british bloody-nosed beetle said...

jap psyllids. fuckin' pussies. just let 'em come an try it. i'll rip their fuckin' slitty-eyed 'eads off an eat 'em four fuckin' breakfast

...with some lightly fried chanterelles, sundried cherry tomatoes and a chilled glass of fresh-pressed cranberry juice. you just can't beat a full-english to start off the day. culturally refined, the height of culinary sophistication, and absolutely delicioso. grrnchchchkslup.

spark up said...
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spark up said...


to my mind, there are just too many people keeping vicious pit-beetles as pets in this country.