Tuesday, 7 July 2009

You Can Be Quite Sure That He Won't Re-Offfend.

And the taxpayers' won't be coughing up to keep him in some luxury HMPontins.

The Penguin


captainff said...

This new more cost effective NHS brain surgery looks a bit risky to me. Has someone done a proper risk arsessment for it?

Sue said...

Justice indeed! Can't see muslim extremists adding that bit of legislation to their 85 Sharia law courts in Britain!

Barking Spider said...

And all for the price of a bullet and a box - very economic.

Oldrightie said...

Did the poor sod call Jimmy a hoon? Might not be so far fetched after they've rigged the next election.

Ashtrayhead said...

The one standing up is in danger of getting his boots splashed.

Anonymous said...

That guy was convicted of raping a kid but "It [the death penalty] is deployed for a variety of violent and non-violent crimes including apostasy and adultery."

Where does the line get drawn, and who draws it?

Old Bag said...

thats one way of easing over crowded jails..personally, i can see an upside to it!..line up the cunts and shoot 'em down!

David Davis said...

If people don't have the right to kill other people, the Right to Life being what we libertarians call a "Natural Right" then it must follow that the said people cannot delegate or re-assign that right (which they don't ppossess) to an agency. (Such as a State - oh, I forgot: Islam does not recognise [nation] States (see Roger Scruton "The West and The Rest".)

If a self-defined State (such as Yemen or Saudi-Arabia) arrogates such non-existent rights to itself, such as the right to kill, that does not make them right (sorry.)

The death penalty only word jurisprudentially for libertarians if individual human beings have the right to deprive another of his life, in return for some similar sleight. Then, that right can be voluntarily delegated - to an agency or to another person - by agreement.

On a lighter note, I deplore all the staged "public death theatre" that all these semi-barbarous pre-capitalist toad-heaps of countries like to stage - purely in my view to give them the same psychological thrill as a pubescent schoolboy showing off his enlarged penis. if he was any older, he'd have also shaved his head and tattooed "Hate" on the front.

Having said that, if States still do executions at all, then I think it's unhealthy and dangerous for them to be carried out in secret.

as regards the British Public's continuing majority-leaning towards the death penalty, I think in the present curcumstances it would be highly destructive and dangerous to allow. The Public's TV-driven and astonishing uncuriosity and uncriticality about "ishoos", coupled with its deteriorating education abilities (not its fault) and its emotional incontinence and hair-trigger tendency to comply with mob emotions since the death of the awful wicked Diana (sychronised grieving can easily become synchronised torching of all paediatricians' houses and families, then introdiction of the death penalty bck into the UK would have very serious public-order consequences.

Not only troughing MPs, but many innocent people against whom others have a grudge, would be fingered, dragged through the courts, and possibly killed by screaming mobs.

I don't think seeing a hanging, or whatever, would actually put people off: quite the contrary in fact, these days. It's sad.