Monday, 6 July 2009

The Licence Fee? Licence To Trough, The Bastards!

"I'm worth loads more than the £816,000 I get from the taxpayer!"

Still more scandalous news leaking out about the troughing and nest-feathering bastards ruining the Bloated Brownose Corporation.

A staggering 47 executives earn more than the Prime Mentalist. And 5 of the top pension pots in the public sector are all down to long serving BBC wankers.

This from the lefty trendy biased BBC whose programmes are often toe curlingly poor, and who pay that twat Jonathan Woss £6 MILLION a year - of taxpayers' money. Who pretend that their licence chasing operation is some sort of official body. Who blatantly use their TV muscle to stifle competition, advertising their exhibitions and shows relentlessly. And the fucking spin off books and magazines.

Soon they'll be squawking about needing a hike in the licence fee. Cunts.

The Penguin


Anonymous said...

you dont have to pay your licence fee apparently, follow this link

Dark Lochnagar said...

Some twat in the BBC should never be paid more than the Prime Minister, even if he is a cunt. Nobody in the Civil Service or a Public body should be paid more than £200k, which is fucking enough for anyone. Greedy bastards.

Charles said...

They don't need to agitate for another rise yet as the scale promised by Tessa Jowell - with YOUR money - a few years back already guarantees them inflation plus(!) increases so that within just a couple more years you'll be past the magic £150 p.a. for your TV tax.

Ask your MP or (anyone else who comes canvassing you) "No faffing - will you abolish the license tax and sell off the BBC - yes or no?"

We need to get this on to their radar and our representatives need to know just how much ill-will this impost causes among POTENTIAL VOTERS.

Anonymous said...

The BBC is becoming more and more irrelevant. I watch bugger all on the Beeb. Okay, they make good nature documentaries, but their drama programmes are shite and their news is left-wing pro-EU dross. The licence fee should be totally scrapped, and then we'd see if the BBC can survive in the commercial world.

banned said...

Flog the lot to those mysterious foreign investors and see what they make of Ross's salary and the top execs who can't even be arsed to move to Manchester when bidden.