Friday, 3 July 2009

Where Are The Police Impersonators?

This march and demonstration is getting a very different response from the Metropolitan Police Farce and the City Of London Plod and the Tube and Train Plod than the G20 demonstrations got.

Where are all the "Police Impersonators" with their dogs and their batons and shields?

Why is there no "kettling" and random violence? Where are all the surveillance units?

Or does a different set of rules apply?

The Penguin


Dazed and Confused said...

This has got Mandelsons odious fingerprints all over it. The only reason people take heed anymore, is that the loyal lap dogs of the BBC still hang in every word and action of their beloved government, and as such, report this as some sort of righteous morality.
In the space of twelve Years the Socialist left have managed to reverse logic in such a way, that to be openly "White", "Male" and "Heterosexual" in this day and age, is an anathema to be both stigmatised and frowned upon by our Socialist elite.

I know Iv had enough. I just don't listen anymore.

Anonymous said...

The police impersonators cannot be in the march as well as surrounding it, it's either pink or blue here so they've left their stolen uniforms at home.

Anonymous said...

If there are any police impersonators around, they're likely to be the ones wearing dark blue uniforms with "Poilce" written on their backs, threatening passers-by with "Turn that camera off, sir".

Unless "sir" is a muslim. In which case, the only thing they'll be beating, is a hasty retreat.

Any real policeman is probably down the boozer drowning his sorrows and seriously considering early retirement/change of career.

Now. When's Hetero-Pride, for us - the greatest minority in history ?

Inspector Leviathan Hobbes said...

Logged onto this whilst down the boozer drowning my sorrows...I must say, they look an awfully nice bunch. What are they demonstrating about?

woman on a raft said...

I thought for one horrible moment you meant there would be crowds of Sting impersonators going on about tantric sex and rainforests.

Ghastly. If anybody deserves kettling, it's Gordon Sumner.

banned said...

Can anyone spot Boris in the pic ?

Dark Lochnagar said...

IMO it's this sort of "in your face" gay pride pish that makes a big percentage of the population homophobic. Why can't they just go on with their lives like everybody else does without feeling that they push their sexuality onto the the heterosexual majority?