Monday, 27 July 2009

M'Learned Friends In The Shit

Well, what a surprise.

The convicted fraudster and fake legal eagle is shown up for the crook he is, which must be a tad embarrassing for his friends such as Oily Greaser Keith Vaz and clients like Tariq "The Victim" Ghaffur.

It can only be assumed that m'learned friends who have been representing him are doing out of the pure goodness of their hearts, because sure as shit is brown they'll be waiting a long time to get paid.

The Penguin


UB41 said...

Fantastic. Anyone who has followed this case (or anything to do with this fake solicitor) will know how corrupt the little sh!t is.

Isn't he supposed to be representing Dizaei in his latest racial discrimination case?

Fausty said...

A government of diversity of talents. Come to think of it, no - too many of them are corrupt.

DaveP said...

What other country welcomes bent little shits with fraud convictions? Can we not deport the robbing bastard?