Monday, 13 July 2009

War Veterans Are To Be Thrown Out For Pikeys

Well, Jonah sets such a good example in the way he values our armed services while they are actually fighting and dying, what the fuck do you expect from local jobsworths?

Of course they are going to regard the fucking Pikey's "rights" as more important.

Fucking cunts.

The Penguin


Anonymous said...

gypos add so much quality to all our lives

whilst labour & obamas war in Afghanistan take so many live of quality and distinction

killemallletgodsortemout said...

This is just fucking incredible!

What the FUCK has happened to this country? Where is our backbone?

microdave said...

I rarely drink, but this might just change things....

If the gippos don't like looking through each others windows WHY THE FUCK don't they piss off back to Ireland? There's plenty of wild green yonder for them there.

Sue said...

Fucking unbelievable! I don't what to say... (which is not like me :)

Dick Puddlecote said...

War veterans have long been irrelevant to the righteous.

Their selfish ignorance is staggering at times.

Barking Spider said...

The Irish don't want the cunts either!

banned said...

Most travellers are not Irish, they are itinerant white trash scum roaming the land and devouring local resources like a medievel plague of locusts. They require culling, A.S.A.P..

Penguin, I saved your accompanying picture but felt the need to rename it 'pikey cunts.jpg', hope you don't mind.

North Northwester said...

"But it came as more of a surprise when they discovered the travellers were evicted from a previous site for breaching government greenbelt land planning laws.
Their eight static mobile homes were bulldozed after a four-year wrangle costing £40,000 for numerous court orders and legal fees.
As a result, a concession was made to the small group which allowed them to move to the former allotment land off Springhead Road in Northfleet.

Concession: 'We'll shaft the powerless - it's not like they've got their minesweepers or destroyers or Harriers to disturb our calm and expenses, now, it it?'

"Gypsy traveller Anne Scarrott said: 'The council are going to knock the navy club down so we can have more space.

'There is not enough space while the navy club is here. We are all too close to each other and can see into each others' windows.'

Unlike settled people who also have to see into each others' windows becasue we live in towns.

Anonymous said...

i stumbled onto this blog when i was looking up what "pikey cunt" meant to those of you living across the pond. i live in Florida and heard it in a British movie, and while i know what "cunt" means, i wasn't sure about "pikey". anyway, i'm pretty sure that i have the gist of it now. thanks for the culture lesson. haha

panavia999 said...

If you don't want to look into another trailer's windows, move your f--g trailer. Land of hope and glory indeed.