Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Bloody Hell, The G20 Was Policed By Impersonators!

No wonder it was a fucking shambles and they didn't nick Old Holborn! It wasn't really Inspector Knacker and his Finest, it was a crowd of "Police Impersonators".

Oh, and Gordon Brown was a wonderful Chancellor and is the most honest politician you'll ever hear tell of.

The Penguin


Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Police impersonaters? So it was a bunch of PCSOs then?

Newgates Knocker said...

Was that why they didn't have identification numbers?

Gareth said...

Would anyone have noticed the difference?

London G20 demo police were "untrained"

Old Holborn said...

I need a lie down.

Atlas Shrugged reckons we have two years before we have REAL civil war. With guns.

Today, I was sent a video of an impending riot in Birmingham on July 4th by the BNP.

I just need a another million and I'm gone

microdave said...

They really are clutching at straws, aren't they?

banned said...

""Ian didn't die of a heart attack, the police killed him."
Well done Mrs. Tomlinson, don't let them off the hook

Whoever came up with that 'impersonator' rubbish clearly needs to come forward and resign for bringing the Force/Service into disrepute. Probably the same guy who suggested that Liverpool fans robbed and pissed on the bodies of the Hillsborough Stadium victims.

Anonymous said...

Just goes to show that the stupid fuzz think we are even more intelectually challenged than they are. Un-fucking-believable. What have we let our country become?

Anonymous said...

Just because nobody in the whole, wide world would believe this explanation for the merest fraction of a nanosecond doesn't make it false. Did you see the very distinctive way the "policeman" slid his feet as he moved in for the murderous blow? Did you see the monkey stuffed inside his body armour ... the monkey that ate his ID numbers? That's right! Michael Jackson did it.

Captain Swing said...

This shows more about the dumbed down entry requirement to join the rossers than anything else.What cunt thought that one up.
Using the "it wasnt us it was the big boys that run away" excuse doesnt really cut it does it.