Friday, 10 July 2009

The Curse Of McBroon Strikes Again!

"Did this used to be a good school before I visited it?"

Jonah really has the Midas-In-Reverse touch, doesn't he?

Just a few short weeks after he praises some "flagship" academy, inspectors condemn it as a failure.

If only the UK Borders Agency could keep the cunt out of the country for a few weeks, just think of the damage he could inflict on other people as opposed to on us.

The Penguin


Goodnight Vienna said...

Brown's unbelievable, he must have terrible karma! Look what's happened to Parliament itself - and half the Cabinet have resigned or been sacked. Someone ought to package him up and send him to Afghanistan as a weapon of mass destruction for our troops to use.

Anonymous said...

Good idea, apart from the fact that he'd probably wish our soldiers 'Good Luck' as they went off on sorties - resulting in even more murder & mayhem. How about leaving him where he is but cutting out his tongue (without benefit of anaesthetic naturally).

Catosays said...

Cutting his fucking throat would be much more satisfying!

Joe Public said...

Can the UK Borders Agency keep any cunt out of our country?

Oldrightie said...

Any bloke who wears a leather watch strap is suspect. Not all guilty but still suspect. Check it out!

JP said...

Any bloke who manages to bugger up the country like him and Tony did ought to be burned at the stake using the trillion pages of legislation they passed as fuel.

I hope Sarah Brown gets raped, maybe he'll resign then. Or bring in 40 new laws giving the police permission to shoot on site anyone suspected of being a rapist/Tory.

Fuck of Gordon you fucktwatting piece of shit. I could pull a better Prime Minister from the Green Party.

banned said...

What Goodnight Vienna said
"Someone ought to package him up and send him to Afghanistan as a weapon of mass destruction for our troops to use."
Or maybe sell him to the locals for food.

Anonymous said...

he IS a weapon of mass destruction

AngryDave said...

The one eyed cunt is a waste of perfectly good oxygen, and needs to die a slow and lingering death.

On the subject of academy schools, this is a very bad idea. Private companies, like politics and religion, have no place in the education. Just like facts have no place in religion or politics.
A friend of mine is an EWO (education welfare officer), and her job is to track down persistant truants and get them back into school or some for of training or education.
As these academies are privately run, they have a financial interest in keeping their place in league tables as high as possible. Basicly, if their is a kid who is not particularly bright, but will acieve a basic level of education and be able to work and contribute to society. The academy which they are attending will kick them out of school at the first opportunity, and there is no obligation for another academy to take them on. The child then goes without an education, and ends up on benefits, in jail, or both.

Thankyou labour, you cunts!