Monday, 13 July 2009

Gordon Is A Moron

On the very day that the Army suffered it's highest casualties in Afghanistan, what does our wonderful Prime Mentalist say?

He says we are succeeding. Making "considerable progress".
Meanwhile the coffins come home, but there are never any politicians to welcome them. The charlatans claim that the troops have everything they need, that they are well equipped and properly resourced. It's not what the professionals say.

I know who I believe.

The Penguin


Blind Pugh said...

Hiya Penguin.

Have you seen this in the Times?

The dirty troughing poofy cunt.

Catosays said...

Now that is piss-taking par excellence.

The Penguin said...

Yes, I read that - slimey wankstain.

Oldrightie said...

Yet another shirt lifter coins the profits from being Jimmy's chum.

Anonymous said...

Brown cares nothing for our soldiers and I care nothing for Brown an his anti-British hateful party

banned said...

I for one hope that Govt. Ministers and the Opposition have the decency to stay away from Wooton Basset, they are not wanted.