Sunday, 12 July 2009

Doctor David Kelly's Ghost Wont Lie Quiet!

"Can you see the blood on my hands?"

It seems that the evil triumvirate of Blair, Campbell, and Hoon and their unpleasant coterie are not "out of the woods" over the murder of David Kelly.

It seems that the blood is seeping through the whitewash.

The Penguin


banned said...

Even my Mum, who is not generally interested in Politics, knows perfectly well that a) he was murdered and b) blair whitewashed it ( she actually gets quite agitated about it when the subject arises, almost as much as when 'they' want to change things at the Parish church ).

Fausty said...

It's good that you're keeping this issue alive.

There is blood on the Labour government's hands. I doubt we'll see justice this side of a general election but justice there must be.

We cannot allow politics to stamp on justice.